Advantage Of Ultra Filtration Systems :
  • Low fouling RO membrane modules
  • Excellent filtration performance with high flux
  • High chemical resistance and temperature tolerance for effective membrane cleaning
  • Very fine nominal pore diameter (0.03 ┬Ám)
  • High removal efficiency of bacteria and viruses
  • Dead-end or concentrate bleed flow capabilities
  • Can be periodically back washed and air scoured to improve performance and extend operating life by removing the fouling layer Simple, vertical, modular design allows low cost, compact systems
  • UF Outside-In or Inside-Out Configuration allows for less plugging and higher solids loading, higher flow area and easier cleaning.
Advantage Of Ultra Filtration Systems

UF System at Essar Power Limited, Hazira 2 X 130 M3/hr Capacity UF Systems Installed at Essar Power Ltd. for Cooling Tower Blow Down Water Recovery System