Pressure Sand Filters

Pressure Sand Filter is highly recommended for the removal of suspended solids & undissolved impurities like dust particles & heavy metals etc. PSF reduces turbidity. Pressure Sand Filter is an ideal solution for the systems with high sediment, silt, sand, and turbidity. The sand filters are specially designed to take care of the range of suspended impurities. Our unique design ensures the maximum utilization of the surface area, lesser pressure drop across the pressure bed and effective elimination of the impurities. 10 x 120 m3/hr working at Essar Power For their 515 mw power plant & 3 x 120 m3/hr, working at Essar Steel for their Blast Furnace

Applications For Sand Filtration :
  • Preparation of cooling water
  • Treatment of waste water
  • Drinking water
  • Pre filtration for RO (membrane) systems
  • Filtration of gray or surface water
Salient Features :
  • Efficient Turbidity and TSS Removal
  • Filter up to 20 – 30 Microns
  • FRP, MSRL, MSEP & SS Vessel available.
  • Standard and effective multi grade sand media.
  • Low Pressure drop across the vessel
  • Air scouring available for high flow pressure vessel.
  • Manual, Semi Automatic and Automatic features are provided
Pressure Sand Filters