Acid / Caustic Ejectors

Safe Chemical Injection

Our Ejectors deliver chemicals more safely and with greater precision and reliability than traditional delivery methods. There is no moving parts, ejector system is also a safe system because the injected material is not under pressure. If the water flow stops, injection stops instantly. Simple to use and self-priming, Our ejectors are able to run dry with no problems and because they are made with special lined material & they last longer.

The system uses differential pressure between inlet and outlet ports to create a vacuum, which draws chemicals through the suction port. Internal mixing vanes help ensure even distribution and installations do not require a pump or motor.

These systems are fabricated using superior quality raw material and possess following parts and features

  • Excellent safety because injected material is not under pressure; if water flow stops, injection also stops instantly
  • No moving parts means excellent reliability, ZERO maintenance
  • Uniform distribution of material means accurate delivery
  • Simple to use and self-priming
  • Able to run dry with no problems
  • Ebonite lined / PP Lined corrosive resistance material means long wear life

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